Dianne Austin Art
Artist's Statement

photo5I have loved the look and feel of natural objects for as long as I remember. The beauty of an interesting stone or a fall leaf inspires awe in me. The energy and transformational possibility found waiting in a seedpod is astounding. These objects are everywhere, and bring me much joy.

What also interests me is our relationship as humans to these natural objects, with whom we share this earth. Although nature sustains us, most often it is taken for granted, unseen and unappreciated. For myself, the more connected I feel to the natural world, the happier I am.

Sometimes I am moved to do a literal translation of a natural object. It seems appropriate to interpret their incredible life force by making them many times larger than their actual size. Other works use the natural form as a starting point for my own point of view.

I like to work in many different media. I may fall in love with the look of a certain material, which I then feature in an individual work. But more often the media is subservient to the end vision. It is a very satisfying to master a new material in order to achieve that vision.

When I am working in the studio, it seems like I am only one of many participants in a wonderful process of creation. I let intuition take the lead. The objects and media themselves are gregarious, thrilling and sometimes demanding partners. I am very fortunate to be able to join in this miraculous dance where movement changes solid objects into new forms we call art.